☼Summer dress

Freedom. Love to live. Dying for new emotions. For people who agree to make spontaneous decisions: white shoes, coffee and late night drive to any place that comes to the mind.  For people who find their happiness in unpredictability, whose mind seeks for new feelings and emotions. Do clothes help to catch this vibe? Absolutely. Put on this dress and go for new feelings, it doesn’t allow people to stand still.




Does not matter how much clothes you have in your wardrobe, which style you prefer, we have one thing that will be loved without a doubt. Simple накидка is perfect finishing touch to every look to every occasion in every country and weather. Just emphasize your creativity, dilute your basic look with bright-color накидка and be ready to catch everyone’s attention! «We want our customers to feel unique and we are ready to give them clothes to prove that they are. We just want to make the world brighter and let people to have a freedom of choice. In that way, you are helping us to spread this vibe» – Square Sasha.



⇣Wrap around dress

Light and careless mood, headwind, easiness inside and all around. Your attitude matches the clothes, right? So, let people know who you are! For those who live with the childish delight, happy to meet new things with genuine enthusiasm and a huge beautiful smile. You always feel the same way you dressed. That’s the time to let our dress make you smiley and fascinating both from inside and outside.