In 2015 we moved to Sri-Lanka. We didn’t have a return ticket, we had only a couple thousand dollars. That time we didn’t know what will be then and where fate would lead us. We found abandoned 3-bedroom villa and founded «Russian colony» named Solar House. We invited guests, we were happy about our life, worked hard and fought. Out life seemed like both fairytale and nightmare. Sasha tried to find within herself the strength to sincerely tell everything in the blog, not only share beautiful pictures. We were hosting guests from Russia and all over the world.  We have found what we were dreaming about for such a long time. But one day everything was over, we «fell from heaven».

    In 2016 our world fell apart. We had to leave everything: Marti — 1974 year car, boho 12-room villa, hundreds of meters cloth for the new collection and a story, the only thing we took with us was our dream. Nobody could take it away. Just in one moment, we lost everything. Forced to wander without money, we started to live with a hope to come back, continuing to dream about life near big water.

   In 2017 our Bali story started. We barely managed to have money for food, visas and a rent of a very small room, which fitted an only mattress on the floor. Bali island became a new Home for us, now we welcome guests, but that time… We borrowed $500 for sewing machines, although we didn’t know how to sew, there wasn’t any other way for us. That’s how SOLAR brand was born. We were cozily dressing our souls in our clothes and were sharing our handmade goods with the whole world. Look into our workshop, there are some things that make life more pleasant.

Get acquainted with our art!

We are happy that you took a look at our page. This website is some kind of a guide to the Solar universe. We created it for you to have a chance to get acquainted with us, get to know about our projects, thoughts, and aspirations.

We are always glad to communicate and collaborate. If you feel that our art and opinion on life is something that attracts your inner world, find our social media sites and send us your thoughts. We will be very happy to find some time for a talk.